How to Freeze Raspberries

If you’ve tried to freeze fruits, especially delicate fruits, you may have encountered problems getting them back out of the freezer in anything other than a ball of ice. This is particularly problematic for raspberries and their ilk. There is a trick, this is it:

Spread the berries out on a cookie sheet and freeze them like that before you bag them.

The full process goes like this:

  1. Wash your pint of raspberries.
  2. Set the raspberries out on a towel or some-such to air-dry for 15ish minutes. Less water becomes less ice, which is good.
  3. Transfer your berries to a cookie sheet. The berries are not to touch each other.
  4. Slide the cookie sheet into the freezer for 30ish minutes. The berries should be frozen stiff when you take them back out.
  5. Quickly transfer the frozen berries into a freezer back and stick them back in the freezer before they can think about thawing.

My cookie sheet is, I think, a 12″ by 14″ and it comfortably holds a pint of berries.  It’s also old and slightly crummy, so I’ve set a nice fresh sheet of tin foil on it to protect it from the berries and vice-versa.